LASKARIS SA’s enameling unit is housed in a 5,000-m2 building and is the continuation of VIOSMALT SA, the first industry operating in this field in Greece since 1964. It provides the capability of enameling both flat surfaces (trays, ovens etc.) and hollow ones (boilers and water heaters with a capacity ranging from 5lt to 1,200lt).
Our strict quality control throughout the production process, the modern machinery, the know-how and the experience ensure correct application of the enamel, rendering the products reliable and competitive in Greece and abroad. LASKARIS S.A. was the one to introduce DIRECT enameling (one layer) on boilers and water heaters in Greece in 1999; to do this it used new-generation, eco-friendly enamels developed by BUDERUS, exclusively used in Greece by LASKARIS. Continuing this effort, the company constantly develops and improves this method, achieving the goals of quality and economy.


 Enameling is the process that results in a glass surface created as a result of the melting and attachment of enamel on a steel surface. Enamel – which is a mix of inorganic silicates that is absolutely healthy and eco-friendly (it does not contain harmful chemicals), is water soluble and is baked at high temperatures (>850οC).
Its application offers excellent protection against oxidization and durability against abrupt temperature changes (thermal shocks) while it is also the cheapest solution for the protection of boilers and electric ovens.


  • Protection from oxidization (glass coating) – durability in any weather conditions.
  • Perfectly safe for the public health – observing the rules of hygiene – it does not allow bacteria growth.
  • Resistance to acids, graffiti and solar radiation.
  • Resistance to abrupt temperature changes (-60οC to +450οC).
  • It does not need maintenance, it is easy to clean and it can take any color.
  • Unburnt – it does not attract dust.
  • Electrically neutral combination of enamel-metal sheet.
  • Suitable for all qualities of water (even sea water).
  • Recyclable – environmentally friendly.
  • It provides safety and security.


LAS146Enameled boilers have gradually taken-upmore than 70% of the Greek market since 1980, with the rate continuously growing. This is the result of the long product lifespan, the low processing cost and the observance of the rules of hygiene thanks to the use of suitable and certified enamels as well as the necessary mechanical equipment and know-how (meeting the strict requirements for protection of the public health and of DIN 4753 Teil 3 & 6). Control limits are imposed on enameled containers in relation to the following parts:

  • Normal conductivity – anode
  • Enameling thickness – fault points
  • Bond strength
  • Durability in acid environments
  • Durability in hot water (the enameling layer loses weight)