OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Laskaris S.A. owns the biggest and most modern powder coating plant in Greece. It is housed in own 4,000-m2 buildings and has been constructed in line with the strictest standards applied on technological equipment and environmental protection systems.
 It has a great capacity for coating big and small components (from small screws to items that are many meters long).
 It features a fully automatic batch coating line: 5 stages for cleaning by spraying, dryer, 3 new generation cabins with 4 robots of 3 guns, plus 4 manual ones as well as a state-of-the-art furnace to ensure correct polymerization of the powder.

EPC on iron components

The company can meet all the requirements applying to the protection of iron surfaces, since it has the full equipment for chemical pre-processing as well as the relevant know-how and experience for performing deburring, pickling, phosphating of iron and phosphating of zinc by dipping or spraying. Coating is performed by using certified powders by international manufacturers in order to meet high production standards and to automatically apply two layers of different powder coatings providing in order to provide the highest degree of protection for components exposed to tough weather conditions (e.g. rails).

EPC on aluminum components

The strict controls, machinery and know-how ensure correct application of the chromate conversion coatings, which is a key condition for the corrosion resistance of coated aluminum.  As far as colors are concerned, there is an extremely wide range of colors by reliable suppliers; in addition to the classic RAL colors, colors of the MATT, PASTEL, METAL charts as well as special colors are also available on order.

EPC on cast components (made of Zamak or Aluminum)

In order to solve the problems arising when coating cast materials, the company has developed and applies surface treatments prior to the coating (deburring, grinding etc.), special chemical processes & chromate conversion coatings, special maskings while providing flexibility in the adjustments during coating. Our experience and know-how come from our many-year partnerships with the largest electronics and telecommunications companies worldwide.