Laskaris S.A. is able to apply multiple pre-coating chemical treatments meeting the standards of the army as well as the DIN requirements. So, in addition to phosphating of iron, which works with spraying, the following chemical processes are also available across the electrostatic powder coating line:

  • Aluminum chromate conversion Alodine 1200
  • applied on aluminum sheets and profiles as well as pressure die cast aluminum components.  It is the classical method used for the protection of aluminum from corrosion, which gives the surface a light yellow color. This method deactivates the aluminum surface and creates an appropriate substratum that enables flawless adhesion of the powder. In the case of electronic devices components, the appropriate method for reserving conductivity at the desired levels is applied. The materials used are in line with MIC-C 81706 and the chromate conversion coatings meet the requirements of MIC-C 5541.

  • Aluminum chromate conversion Alodine 1000
  • it offers the aluminum surface a very light glittering color.

  • Aluminum chromate conversion Alodine 4830/4831
  • much milder and eco-friendly, since it does not contain Cr+6. It gives the aluminum surface a transparent color and meets the requirements of the RoHS (2002/95/EC).


It is applied on iron surfaces. It is excellent for protecting the edges and the cutting points of metal sheets (spots which are difficult to cover adequately using only powder).

It is applied on components that are to be exposed to tough conditions, e.g. installed near the sea or in especially humid climates.

The phosphating of iron meets the requirements of the American standards TT-C-490 Type I and MIL-P 16232 Type Z.


Laskaris S.A. has a department for deburring (vibrators, tumblers) for improved preparation and finishing of small cast components.

The state-of-the-art technology and many-year experience in the sector of chemical treatments allows us to apply any treatment method using the most economic and reliable protection method.